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Rest Assured
Since our founding more than thirteen years ago, we’ve dedicated ourselves to produce the innovation and competitive products. It’s that simple.

While we believe in innovation, and have certainly incorporated the newest technologies into our products, we also believe that the best products in the world are still the ones that by using only the finest materials. The result is a product of superior support, convenience and quality that delivers a better product.

Our dedication, talent and commitment to quality have grown our company into an reliable corporation with a worldwide presence. Despite our rapid growth, we’ve never forgotten our roots, and the values that have led to that success. That’s why when you purchase QILIN product – whether it's a pocket spring machine, assembling machine or coiling machine an so on– you can rest assured that you are using on one of the world’s finest mattress machinery products.

Through all our success, we have maintained our unwavering commitment to producing quality mattress machinery. “Our heritage of making quality mattress machinery that represent a better value to the consumer is foremost in our minds when we design new products for today’s marketplace. It’s that quality and value combination that makes us keep moving on in the world.

It's more than a mattress machinery – It's your competitive.
Whether you are a mattress manufacturer, soft bed furniture industry or a sofa cushion factory, nothing is more critical to a guest experience become more competitive. At QILIN, we have devote our mind to create the mattress machinery that will meet both your customers’ needs and your budget.

As a group of independent machinery manufacturers with locations around China, QILIN has the flexibility and the capacity to service the entire mattress industry, We also service furniture industry, such as the sofa cushion , soft bed and so on. With our vast experience and resources, we’re well positioned to develop machine that delivers innovation and support along with reliability, quality and value for our guests.

Innovation Design
By mixing and matching different ideas with our engineers , we are dedicated in making our products be more closed to the modern sense of style and keep technology development.

Mostly,many customers are pay attention on accessories are less than the machine parameter technical, but we still adhere faithfully to use the finest accessories– the good accessories can mean greater machine and easier care. In commercial applications,cheaper accessories seem to be a normal way to get a good price ,but for reason of the quality,that’s not always the best choice.QILIN machine can help you balance the needs of the quality and price.


Thanks to our Mature and advanced technical of the machine,there is not so strict requirement for the wires,it can fits many kinds of wires.

Finished products
Our machines can produce different sizes of the innerspring units to support the various kinds of customers’requirement, as well as special sizes such as mini pocket spring unit,unit-spring assemble for mattress manufacturer etc.

For our middle and high-end market customers, we highly recommend that they invest in the high speed pocket spring machine and assemblely machine. By using the pocket spring machine and assembly of blocks of independent springs can produce the quality mattress more comfort and efficiency.

We have already achieved many national patents and passed the CE certification and ISO9001:2008.