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The standard times, a good leader in the construct


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The standard times, a good leader in the construction of new countryside
Views: 195 Date 2010 -03-13
Village (neighborhood) secretary, director of the training program outline:
The standard times, a good leader in the construction of new countryside
In the new rural construction, how to play the role of the party's leadership, how to be a good party secretary and village committee director do?
First, continue to emancipate the mind, to meet the new round of rural reform
Three decades of reform and opening up, is emancipating the mind, rural development and progress of the three years continuously. It has gone through three emancipation, liberation of the productive forces, the development of productivity.
(A) the first emancipation of the mind for the "two whatevers" to address what is socialism ---- OK to economic construction.
(B) for the second emancipation of the mind, "Socialist or capitalist" problem solve how to build socialism ---- socialist market economy, reform and opening up.
(C) for a new round of emancipating the mind and hinder the development of institutions, mechanisms and concepts to address how scientific development ---- building a harmonious society. Gao use more standard look at our achievements, identify gaps, study strategies and practice, and strive to become even greater achievements.
Second, to enhance the Party's leadership and the level of village self-government, Gao efficiency building a new countryside
(A) When a "strong" leadership, team building is the core.
To be "strong" leadership, we must be good at learning and the use of the party and government policies, so that the implementation and effective.
1, the policy really learn to effectively put Gao execution. First, policies to enhance awareness; Second, we must in-depth information policy; once again to earnestly implement the party's policy.
2, to enhance scientific development, sound and rapid development capabilities. First deal with the relationship between the two: First, the relationship between development and stability; second is the relationship between development and people's livelihood. Second, the development of planning to do, follow the rules of the market.
(B) the performance of their duties about "center of gravity, heart", which is the key to work.
In rural areas, the village is the focus of the work group. How to lead a good team toward the village scientific, standardized, and orderly development, we must take the long view, a great effort, with the vision to plan ahead appropriately village team. First introduced to speed up the research group of villagers Interim Measures to guide groups of villagers toward the scientific, standardized, and orderly development. Followed by the election of village groups to develop a good way to regulate elections, the implementation of selected people, the election genius. Team leader is to strengthen the village again, based Games, including the village representatives, party members and villagers, including education and training, provide the backbone of the overall quality of Gao.
Village "two committees" of the leadership have done good or bad, is to work "hard." The so-called "hard" it is necessary to take responsibility; second, good at summing up (experience) the law; third is to pay attention to methods of work. Particular emphasis on effectiveness, efficiency, learn to use business management and urban management philosophy and approach to management of rural areas.
(C) of doing things, "righteousness, justice," which is to enhance trust.
A firm conviction, as one people. "Two committees" leading cadres, should have a strong serve the public and governing for the people's sense of public service, the firm ideals and beliefs reflected in the dedication service for the village, dedicated to the collective development, and actively build "build, share, win-win "community of interest in rural development.
2, fair justice, ready to sacrifice. The prestige of rural cadres, the core is impartial and honest. The first is justice, of fairness, justice. Doing things out in the public mind, village people will trust you, agree with you. The second is to upright one. "The body is not to make the trip; its body is not correct, though not from the order," if not superior kind and affectionate friends, not Xianpinaifu, self-discipline, clean-General. Once again, ready to sacrifice. To manage several thousand or even ten thousand villagers in the village people and things, to have appeal, they must have no thought to personal gains and losses, dedicated spirit.
(D) village "open and transparent", which is to ensure effective management.
After the establishment of the new village, "two committees" to guide village leaders should pay attention to rules and systems to carry out work to standardize the system of village affairs and financial behavior, norms village management. Must establish a sound selection, rules of procedure, management, supervision, and other systems, adhere to the law establishment, system of governance in the village, the villagers along the autonomy law and system, and standardized development. Experiences and lessons also tells us: "Two open a monitoring" system implementation was good or bad is the key to the success of rural management.
(E) state of mind, "tolerance, there are degrees", which is the source of the formation of force.
Village "two committees" leading cadres and ordinary compared to a different position, different responsibilities, and your attitude to "tolerance, a degree" in order to make the party branch and village committee take the lead in promoting democracy as united comrades strong core of leadership. 1, adhere to democratic centralism, not to pursue the patriarchal. 2, along with degrees, win-win development. First, we must straighten out the town and village government, group relations. Second, we must rationalize the relationship between the village committee and village group. Third, straighten out the relationship between cadres and the masses. Of course, a fundamental solution to a variety of interests, is to accelerate economic development and improving farmers' income; establish the interests of coordination and win-win mechanism; democratic governance, rule of law.
(F) the concept of "novelty, volatile", which is a prerequisite for development planning.
1, an open mind to absorb "new." First of all to change their ideas. Proved: the concept of agile mind who will come to grasp the opportunities, who will develop faster. Second, we need an open concept. A village to develop on its own is limited to facilities to let the occasion to develop. Once again have a legal system. To study the law, understand and use, and law-abiding. Rural affairs involving many laws and regulations are required by law to be an effective solution, or backfire.
2, attitude is everything, thought, decided way. Rural areas to develop, we must first correct the attitude, not light, "and so on, rely on, to." Followed by planning new ideas for further investigation and study. Once again, the expert capable of thinking. Finally, learn to find a new way. Scientific development is a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development; is adapted to local conditions, to maximize the benefits of development. Development mode to change: from primitive accumulation period of extensive development, the expansion of capital-intensive development. It features: business forms, and the market; intensive use of land resources; enterprise-scale, standardized; management of social urbanization. The current approach to development will focus on: optimal adjustment of industry; property improvement in efficiency (three old reform); second business employment. Correctly understand and actively implemented in line with the actual development of the village way, innovative ideas and methods, "two excellent whichever weight, two lesser bad" in order to create the best economic and social benefits.
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